dimanche 12 janvier 2014

"OUI FM" vs "ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE": keeping the rock music spirit alive!

"OUI FM"(radio specialized in rock music) just launched a new ad, exclusively for movie theaters, and inviting the audience to do whatever they feel like when watching their movie. As a way to remain faithful to the original rock spirit... and reminding another ad a few months ago, for Rolling Stone Magazine.

2 different creative idea about the same crusade (the fight to keep the rock spirit alive), both using illustration (Julia Deshayes for OUI FM, Gerardo Del Hierro for Rolling Stone Magazine) and both from the same agency (CLM BBDO Paris for the 1rst, DLV BBDO Milano for the other).

And the winner is... ?

Julia Deshayes' website: http://www.juliadeshayes.com
Gerardo Del Hierro's website: http://www.gerardodelhierro.com

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