dimanche 19 janvier 2014

BERLUTI, "Tribute to Jacques Tati", by illustrator David Merveille & Peter Franklin agency (+ a big touch of Saul Bass)

The House of Berluti pays tribute to the world of Jacques Tati, the legendary French actor and film director by redecorating the windows of its new Rue de Sèvres store (former flagship store of  made-to-measure men's clothing company Arnys), along with the launch of a superb animated video.

The Rue de Sèvres store windows were redecorated with drawings by the illustrator David Merveille inspired by Tati's iconic films (see below and more examples on David Merveille's blog).

But the tribute to Jacques Tati is at its best in a superb video, made by the agency Peter Franklin from illustrations by David Merveille and inspired by the graphic work of Saul Bass
The video displays Jacques Tati in Paris, going to the new Berluti Rue de Sèvre store, and highlights the new made to measure Berluti / Arnys workshop (Atelier Grande Mesure Arnys) and the participation in the restoration of the short film Soigne ton gauche (Watch Your Left), shot in 1936 with Jacques Tati in the leading role.

Saul Bass (an American graphic designer, 1920-1996, best known for its design of motion pictures title sequences, film posters and corporate logos) style was one of the main inspiration for the art direction of the video:

More details on Saul Bass work: http://www.saulbassposterarchive.com

A few other great illustrations by David Merveille:

David Merveille's blog: http://davidmerveille.blogspot.fr

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