lundi 1 avril 2013

VEUVE CLICQUOT (Illustrator: Florence Deygas)

Veuve Clicquot, one of the most iconic champagne brands (LVMH group), began its collaboration with Florence Deygas in 2007. Veuve Clicquot then celebrated the color yellow at their “Starlight Yellow” event which took place at the newly re-opened World Trade Center in Downtown Manhattan. Throughout the event, Florence Deygas delicately played with a 360 degree city skyline via intricate illustrations and calligraphy-styled drawings upon window panes.

In 2009, the collaboration extended to several illustrations using the simplicity of brushstroke paintings over more classic line drawing. The technique perfectly captures all the artistry, craftsmanship and joie de vivre of the brand.

These illustrations use Veuve Clicquot's classic red signature across its iconic yellow with scenes that vary from seasons to special occasions.  


An below images taken from Florence Deygas studios in Paris while she was working on the project.
Born in 1965 in France, Florence Deygas studied in the reknown Ecole des Gobelins in Paris and is specialized in animation and fashion illustration.
Her work includes collaborations with Vogue, Fendi, Colette, Yves Saint Laurent and Lacoste.
For more details, Florence Deygas (and her partner's, Olivier Kuntzel) website:

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