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Jean Philippe DELHOMME, Illustrator of the Cool

Born in Nanterre, France, in 1959, Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s father was a surgeon who painted landscapes at weekends, and his grandfather an accomplished painter who became the first 'Creative Director' of Lancôme, before creative directors were invented, serving the brand for many years.

Jean-Philippe Delhomme studied animation at L'Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, graduating in 1985.

He has been working as an illustrator since the mid-Eighties.

In the early Nineties New York department store Barney's launched an advertising campaign in which Delhomme's gouache illustrations were depicting types resembling Barney's style-conscious customers. The campaign was a huge success, extending to billboards and animated television advertisements across America.

In the mid-Nineties, Delhomme directed animation advertisements for Saab. 

In 2010, Delhomme began an ongoing collaboration with Maison Kitsuné, his style fitting perfectly with the brand’s world and spirit: a touch of elegance, some good manners and a pinch of humour.
In April 2013, his latest work for brands celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ligne Roset’s iconic seat, Togo.

Jean Philippe Delhomme’s influences:

His influences are more in the both popular and poetic work of illustrators like Savignac than in painters and caricaturists like Daumier : “I liked the work of people like Savignac, a great poster designer from the ’50s. His work is like a song you might hear on the radio; it’s popular, and at the same time there’s something poetic, light and joyful. Daumier was also a really great painter. But he was forcing, insisting on things. I am less insistent. People might get it or they may not. It’s amusing for those who get it, and they are not unpleased that others don’t. I base my work on subtle details and things that are fragile.

Savignac & Daumier illustrations: 

Delhomme’s everyday work is more to be compared with the work of a photographer than an illustrator.
“The life of a photographer interested me very much. Most illustrators stay in the same room all day. When I started working as an illustrator, I decided to do it more like a photographer, to travel, meet people and get inside different worlds.

Delhomme's website & blog:

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