dimanche 8 mars 2015


As part of the next phase of “Play with OREO”, the world’s favorite cookie has sought out 10 emerging artists from around and ask them to develop and share creative OREO expressions of “play” through their art forms.
The artists were given words to play off—functional ones like "dunk" and "twist," as well as more emotional ones like "dream" and "wonder"—and asked to come up with a scene that brings those words to life. The only requirement was that the scene include a character with the Oreo cookie wafer as the face/head.
The ads will run outdoors in New York, Los Angeles and Indianapolis and shared through Oreo social channels.

The featured artists are Shotopop, Jeff Soto, Ryan Todd, McBess, Andrew Bannecker, Geoff McFetridge, Andy Rementer, Alex Trochut, Craig & Karl and Brosmind.

Andrew Bannecker:
 Andy Rementer:
 Craig & Karl:

 Geoff McFetridge:
 Jeff Soto:
 Ryan Todd:
 Ryan Todd:

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