samedi 17 janvier 2015

Jameson's ‘Good Workers, Great Whiskey’ new limited edition

The ‘Good Workers, Great Whiskey’ limited edition celebrates the craftspeople at the Midleton Distillery and the key elements of the Jameson production process. 
Commenting on the new packaging, Daniel Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson Irish Whiskey, said: “Jameson represents the benchmark for quality and consistency in the Irish Whiskey category; a vision that was laid down by John Jameson and realised to this day by the hard work, dedication and passion of the generations of workers at Jameson’s Bow St and Midleton Distilleries. Innovation remains at the core of all Jameson’s award-winning marketing activity and the Good Workers, Great Whiskey limited edition carton follows suit by marrying together the stories of our distillery workers and  production techniques through a modern, contemporary design."

The Jameson ‘Good Workers, Great Whiskey’ limited edition bottling is available now worldwide from specialist retailers.

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