samedi 2 février 2013

DEEZER, "Nothing will stop the music" (Illustrator: Mc Bess)

All of the work makes the connection to Deezer brand’s five-colour mark in contrast to the signature black and white style of McBess.
"The overall effect is dark, dynamic and a little risqué – like an old-fashioned Betty Boop cartoon with a rock'n roll vibe – which suits the Deezer brand perfectly" says McBess.

Mcbess (Matthieu Bessudo), born July 5, 1984, is a French illustrator living in London. His style is a mix of influences such as Fleischer Studios' old cartoons he actualizes by using contemporary shapes, symbols, and types. Mcbess's drawings often present himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references, such as amps, guitars and records. Mcbess is also a musician in the band "The Dead Pirates."

 Advertising Agency: BEING Paris, France
Creative Director: Thierry Buriez
Art Directors: Julien ChiapoliniStephane SacutoMathieu Camillieri
Copywriter: Riccardo Fregoso
Illustrator: McBess
TV Production: Guillaume Faurel
Sound Producers: 
Fabrice PouvreauPhilippe Mineur
Production Company: WIZZdesign/QUAD
Matthieu Poirier
Directors: CRCR
Music: Pop Levi “Wannamama” (White Arc Dub-Deezer Remix)
McBess website:

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