jeudi 14 février 2013

Happy (2013) Valentine's Day!

" wishes you a happy Valentine's Day. Official dealer of pleasure".

Agency: Extrême / Springer & Jacoby, Paris, France
Art director: Christian Vouhé
Copywriter: Alexandre Toso

"Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine's Day"

DDB Melbourne, Australia
John Zurbo (Typographer)
Michael Faudet (Executive Creative Director & CD)
John Akritidis/ Michael Davey (Copywriter & Art Director team)

Google is celebrating Valentine Day and George Ferris's birthday with a two-in-one doodle.
Ferris, born on 14 February 1859 in Illinois, is most famous for designing and building the original ferris wheel for an exposition in Chicago in 1893. The directors of the World's Columbian Exposition wanted an exhibit that would rival or even surpass the Eiffel Tower, which had been built in Paris in 1889, and Ferris's wheel was chosen.
The interactive doodle features two ferris wheels with a fairground backdrop. Pushing a heart button on the doodle spins the wheels and brings up pictures of animals, who then appear going on dates.

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